Unity 2D Dungeon Generator


After a few months of work, I finally managed to release an alpha version of a Unity dungeon generation plugin that is based on my procedural level generator library described in the previous posts on this blog.

All posts in the Dungeon generator series:

The plugin is currently in its early alpha stage so you should be prepared to deal with bugs, incomplete documentation, lack of features, etc.. The plugin is also far from usable in production scenarios, mainly due to its performance issues which will be addressed in future versions.

You can find the plugin on my github.

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5 thoughts on “Unity 2D Dungeon Generator

  1. Great Job doing this generator!
    I’m sorry if i’m late with the questions, but I’ve been having troubles with implementing spawning of player, mobs and other instances.
    I just can’t seem to create a pipeline task for it to function properly.
    What is the best way to spawn main hero in the spawn room?

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